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About Yak Yak Wine

Yak Yak Wine is a small family owned winery and vineyard with 15 gold medals and 7 silver medals that was started back in 1972 in the heart of Sonoma and is one of the areas greatest boutique vineyards. Situated on 6 acres, we usually produce about 1700 cases of award-wining wine every single year for our devoted wine club members. Encircled by award-winning vineyards, the beauty of this unique winery is as captivating as its Semillon. Yak Yak Wine’s extraordinary vinters, along with historic vineyards, come together to make wines that express the soul of this famed wine region.

Our award-winning wines (which have been proudly featured on the Wine Club Directory at http://www.wineclubdirectory.net) are produced only with organic grapes from our exclusive vineyard and made in an acid-driven, balanced style that is great for the land. We employ winemaking techniques that preserve the wines nuances and highlight the unique qualities of our white wines. We usually harvest our grapes days before our neighbors do and often rely on the naturally occurring yeasts from our vineyard for fermentation. It’s our belief that making award winning wines is a full circle process that relies on healthy soil, natural winemaking and doing whats right for you.

We think that our winery is the finest vineyards you’ll ever have the opportunity to visit. The wine is absolutely breath taking and the people that work here are incredibly helpful and friendly. Our vineyard is open almost every day of the year, 7 days a week, making it quite convenient to visit almost any time you need your organic wine fix. With 14 to 16 wines ready for tasting, you’re bound to find a few bottles of wine you love. In addition to our really amazing Muscat, we also offer delicious sandwiches, ice cold beer and mixed drinks. We also have a huge indoor seating area and three beautiful outdoor terraces that overlook the vineyard and the beautiful countryside. These are amazing locations to consume one of our delicious bottles of red wine.


Yak Yak Wine's World Renowned Wine Club

When you become a part of our exclusive wine club, you gain exclusive access to all Yak Yak Wine releases, including very limited bottlings (those under 90 bottles produced). Wine club shipments are sent four times a year, depending on the wine club you sign up for. With our exclusive wine club, you receive four bottles of wine, wine tasting notes, food pairing recommendations and recipes with each shipment.


As a wine club member, you also get in person wine tastings of our award winning wines with the winemaker himself, preferential pricing on all Yak Yak Wine purchases, exclusive access to the winery’s private guest house and invitations to unique events throughout the year: parties, dinners, etc.


Your wine club billings will be made automatically to your credit card at the time of shipment. We happily accept Visa, Mastercard and the Discover card. The cost per wine shipment varies with the wines but an estimated cost per wine shipment averages about $45 to $85 over the course of one year. Shipping costs and sales tax are of course additional.


As a club member, you are entitled to 10 complimentary tastings for yourself and up to four guests. A special seated tasting can also be arranged for you and five guests by reservation. The only caveat, due to certain state laws, is that we may only legally send your wines directly to consumers in some states. Please be sure to view our Shipping & Handling Policy and the wine club compliance laws of the states to which we ship our wines.


Why We Recommend Giving The Gift of a Wine Gift Basket

If you’re ever on the lookout for some great wine gifts this Christmas, be sure to consider giving the gift of an award-winning wine club to the one you really love. Be sure to a lot of research on each wine club you are taking into consideration to ensure its not a terrible wine club. If the person you love has a strong interest in Pinot Noir, be sure to give them a Yak Yak Wine award-winning wine club. Also, inexpensive wine gift baskets also make a highly appreciated Father’s Day present.


Wine and cheese baskets are gift-wrapped baskets full of great wine, cheese, crackers, sausage, chocolate, cookies, and more. They typically range in price anywhere from $49.95 to $349.99. There are hundreds of wine gift basketsto choose from, so be sure to read up on the company you plan on ordering from. There are a ton of wine gift basket review sites on the web, so always research which wine gift basket companies are the highest rated. Again, always read every review of the hundreds of wine gift basket providers to make sure you are not going to be sending terrible wines to your friends and family members.


And one more thing, if you’re giving the gift of a wine and chocolate basket this coming Christmas, be sure to order at least 3 weeks before the big day, because Xmas time is by far the craziest time of the year for wine gift basket providers and if you do not get your order in fast enough, they can’t truly guarantee that it will arrive in time for the big day. And before I forget, always do a web search for a discount code so that you can get an extra 10% discount on the wine basket you’re ordering. There are tons of wine gift basket coupon code sites online, so you won’t have a problem obtaining the perfect one for the wine gift basket you are going to purchase from.