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Pauls Purple Haze Portteus 2007

Sleeping Dog Wines is a small family owned vineyard with 8 gold medals and 6 silver medals that was founded in 1981 in Marin County and is one of the areas greatest vineyards. Situated on 10 acres, we often produce about 1500 cases of superb wine year after year and we also sell wine refrigerators. Encircled by award-winning wineries, the loveliness of this unique winery is as appealing as its Sangiovese. Sleeping Dog Wines’s extraordinary winemaker, along with historic vineyards, combine to produce wines that express the substance of this renowned wine region.

Our delicious white wines are created only with high-quality grapes from our own vineyard and made in an earth friendly, balanced style that is best for the environment. We employ winemaking techniques that preserve our wines nuances and highlight the cherished qualities of our red wines and store them in our own wine coolers until you're ready to buy them. We often harvest our grapes weeks before our neighbors do and quite often rely on the naturally occurring yeasts from our vineyard for fermentation. It’s our belief that making organic wine is a full circle process that depends on organic soil, natural winemaking and doing whats right for the environment.

We think that our vineyard is one of the nicest vineyards you will ever have the chance of visiting. The wine is absolutely breath taking and the nice people that work here are really helpful and friendly. Our vineyard is open all year, 7 days a week, making it very convenient to drop by any time you need your wine fix. With 10 to 12 wines ready for tasting, you’re bound to find a bottle of wine you love. In addition to our really amazing Sangiovese, we also offer yummy sandwiches, ice cold beer and mixed drinks. We also have a nice sized indoor seating area and two gorgeous outdoor terraces that overlook our vineyard and the rolling countryside. These are amazing locations to drink one or two of our superb bottles of red wine.




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