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What A Long Strange Trip Its Been So Far

We've been drinking a lot of wine lately thanks to our many visits to the local winery and now we want to share it all with you. Here's our latest review of the Desert Wind Winery. Desert Wind Winery is a family owned vineyard and winery with 12 gold medals and 15 silver medals that was established in 1967 in Napa Valley and is one of the areas best vineyards. Located on 14 acres, we produce about 1200 cases of award-wining wine year after year. Encircled by mountains and vineyards, the charm of this rustic winery is as captivating as its Sangiovese. Desert Wind Winery’s amazing winemaker, along with historical vineyards, come together to create wines that express the essence of this celebrated wine region.


Our amazing wines are produced exclusively with high-quality grapes from our own vineyard and made in an earth friendly, balanced manner that is great for the land. We employ winemaking techniques that preserve the wines nuances and highlight the unique qualities of our white wines. We usually harvest our grapes days before our neighbors do and quite often rely on the organic yeasts from the vineyard for fermentation. We believe that making world class wine is a full circle process that relies on organic soil, natural winemaking and doing whats right for our customers.


We feel that our winery is the finest vineyards you’ll ever have the chance of visiting. The wine is really superb and the good people that work here are really helpful and friendly. Desert Wind Winery is open all year, 5 days a week, making it quite convenient to come on by any time you need your kosher wine club fix. With over 12 wines available for tasting, you’re sure to find a bottle of wine you love. In addition to our amazing Riesling, we also offer delicious sandwiches, ice cold beer and a handful of mixed drinks. We also have a huge indoor seating area and 3 stunning outdoor terraces that overlook our award winning vineyard and the beautiful countryside. These are amazing locations to drink one of our great bottles of wine.




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